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Get the personalized attention that you deserve

Play safe with college application


When families select a consultant to help their children realize the dream of getting accepted to a school in the United States or Canada, they want to avoid taking risks.

How can they select the professional that will be their best partner?
One alternative is to understand if the person has gone through this process before, if she understands the challenges and the emotional stand of the candidates as well as their particular culture and if she has a track record of achievement.


Support young people broaden their options and be better equipped in their search for studies that will bring them happiness and self-fulfilling.


Why Karine Dombi is the right choice

I've been there, done that... and succeeded!​ 

I have passed through the whole process and was accepted to the MBA of top schools (Harvard, Kellogg, U. Michigan, Virginia, Dartmouth).​​

Unique methodology

My material is based on real tests and I count with more than 1200 exercises and dozens of mock tests.

My unique methodology was created based on my experience with Brazilian students, either from Brazilian, American or international schools.

To crack the test, you don't need and should not try to think as an American student in the areas of analytical thinking. 

To crack the test, you don't need to change the way you think and process a certain topic. 

        Focused and tailored groups


I teach the classes and cover all test sections, following each student's progress to maximize his/her performance.

I have been helping students from all parts of Brazil and also from the U.S.. 

        Success story


Some students improved 200 to 250 points on the SAT and 5 to 6 points on the ACT. Some got 400 points on the SAT or 10 points on the ACT.

If your score is low, I will review all the content with you and make you move faster.

If your score is already high, I will help you identify areas for improvement and make you move faster to gain those extra points.

        Class dynamics

Video Conference

My classes are given online by video conference.  

You will see my powerpoint slides and me at the same time.

My slides are designed to help you memorize the content and the techniques.

Classes in Portuguese

My goal is to make you score high. I don't want to train your listening or speaking abilities because they are not tested on the ACT or SAT.

I speak your language, so you understand everything, but I use the terms of the tests in English, so you get familiar with the words you will need during the test.

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