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Tailored according to your needs

Getting started

Before your preparation begins, we have to consider a series of factors.


  • Initial consultation with the family to explain the process and requirements and to set expectations

  • Evaluation of academic records and discussion about the candidate's interests

  • Diagnostic test to understand the kind of work and amount of effort that will be necessary for the candidate to succeed in the real test

  • Organization of timelines for testing and application deadlines

Tutoring for SAT and ACT (Test Prep)


The tests are not only about speaking good English. They are not about being a Math genius. They are about acquiring the necessary skills to understand what the test makers expect from the candidate.

My course is based on unique methodology that will make the candidate build confidence, ease stress and consequently, be more successful.


You won't rely on books that are created to the general public and with little commitment to quality.

I will teach you the strategies and score-raising techniques built up on your way of thinking.


  • Do it FASTER

  • Do it RIGHT 


The course covers all test sections: English or Writing & Language, Reading, Math, Science and Essay.

Classes can be of different sizes according to students needs.

Coaching (Essays)


I help you identify and highlight your strengths so that you can develop content that show how you will add value to the classes, to the school community and to society, and at the same time, demonstrate your potential for a successful career and bright future.


  • Development of strategies to improve the candidate´s differentiation

  • Empowerment in the creation of an activity résumé, the personal statement and the essays

  • Support to the candidate´s school in the explanation of its grading system to the Admissions Committee

  • Guidance on teacher recommendations

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