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Realize your dream

To realize your dream of studying at the best universities in the U.S. and Canada, don't take risks.
Get prepared with someone who understands you and your culture and can take the best parts of both to show to the schools that fit you the most.
Trust me.  I've been there, done that... and succeeded!

Since 2014, I have supported over 1000 students from different schools in Brazil and the U.S.  to be accepted to colleges such as  Stanford, Princeton, Chicago, Northwestern, UCLA, Brown, Columbia, UPenn, Michigan, NYU, Notre Dame and other top schools.


Preparatory Courses (SAT and ACT)

I have developed a unique methodology to guide you and maximize your results, in all sections of the SAT and ACT tests.



I advise you on developing powerful essays that make you stand out from the crowd. My expertise is based on understanding and deciphering a student's academic background and extracurricular activities, to increase your chance of success in your application process.


Build up your strategies. Ease stress. Move faster. Get confident.
It's about realizing a dream. It's about diving into a life-changing opportunity.
I will help you!

I am focused exclusively on preparation for graduation in the U.S. and Canada. I have developed a unique methodology, giving classes in your own language, so you can understand absolutely everything to crack the test. 



Some students improved 200 to 250 points. Some got 400 points on the SAT or 10 points on the ACT.


Eduardo tells us how he evolved from 1240 points on his 1st. SAT mock test to 1580 points on the SAT real test.

Mock tests available

Our former students have been admitted to Ivy League and other top universities including...
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